Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's a Boy!!!!

We are so excited to announce that we are having boy #2.
I think I was secretly hoping for a little girl, But we are excited to have a little brother for Jaxon. I think the signs of bieng an only child are starting to so i am eager to introduce Jaxon to the world of sharing and fun.

 I have been trying to explain to Jaxon why mommys belly is getting so big, but he just keeps hitting it and lifting up his shirt to show me his belly.
I am excited to start decorting a nursery and thinking of names!!

 It still amazes me the things that can grow inside our bellies, Wonderful miracles

My little boys boy parts.

Besides for being pregnant, I have been trying to contain my excitement for christmas. I am so excited finally to decorate my own house for christmas, so I have started early this year on Christmas crafts.

This year for our Relief Society Craft day, we could make an Advent calender, So this is my advent calender.
 I added a few extra things, but they all still came out so cute.
the little tins can open, so you can put a piece of candy or a little surprise in them to open everyday.

I also found a Halloween reeth on the website and I tried a Christmas version of it.

The reeth is made out of tule, ribbon flowers and I found a couple of cute things at Joannes that were on sale to complete it. I am excited to start decorating for Christmas. I went a couple of weeks ago with my mother-in law and my sister- in -law to a tree decorating class at a local nursery and it was amazing to see that those trees we always see deocrated in the store that look amazing are actually not that hard to do. So I am counting down the days till the day ofter Thanksgiving, when I will putting up my christmas deco...yay!!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


So there is a time of the year when I think we all have an excuse to be kids and dress up. HALLOWEEN.
I love halloween!!!! We never had halloween in South Africa, and so this is me catching up!!!. The first year Taylor and I got married we were Shrek and Fiona and our costumes were pretty awesome and then last year we never got to dress up because we were on vacation. So this year was even better beause we have a little guy to dress up. This year we decided to be......

                                      Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Velma

And just so us adults didnt have to go trick-or-treating and feel wierd about dressing up, we had our own little halloween party with some of our friends and had so much fun!!!!!
              This was our yummy food table at the party!!!!!

                               Our carved pumpkins.

This year before halloween I took Jaxon to a Pumkin patch and took a few pics, that came out pretty good. With Jaxon is one of our friends little boys who Jaxon loves hanging out with.

And ofcourse we got to take Jaxon on his first Trick-or Treat experience. He wasn't quite sure what was going on at first, but he eventually figured out what was going into his pale and loved it!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back to the Blog!!!!!

Wow, so much has happened in the last couple of months, it would take a couple of hours to write about everything, so here is my attempt to highlight the highlights of our new life.

Where to begin?

Since Easter, Taylor got a job offer in his home state of Michigan. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I have wamed up to the place we now call home.
 we are also close to family, so Jaxon gets to be spoilt by grandma and grandpa.

I did not realize what a change it would be going from selling to a regular job. I have come to realize that selling was not just a job, it was a lifestyle, one that I am still holding onto a little. I miss seeing different places and meeting new people, and I am definitley going to miss the cruise next year, but now we get to plan summer vactions, so I guess there are upsides to both.
Taylor is a working man now, He leaves every morning all dressed up in his suite and tie, and is home by 6 pm every night for dinner. We now have saturdays to hangout all year long!!!!.

I do miss our friends!!!!
anyways, since we have moved here, we have bought a house. A quaint little home in the city of troy. It has three beds and 1.5 baths. It is a older home, so it has alot of character, but also needs a few upgrades that we are currently working on.

I am still not used to this way of life, but am trying to adjust. Jaxon has grown so much. He is so smart and learns new things everyday. He entertains me all day and I still go into his room every night to look at his cute little face sleeping in his crib. We love our little boy and are so excited to announce that we are expecting number two!!!!

Some picture updates!!!!

So I realized while I was uploading these pictures that all our pics are of Jaxon, I definitely need to start taking more family pictures. 
So since the last time I blogged, Jaxon started walking at 9 months, He calls an elephant an EL.., and he knows most of his animal noises. And the funniest thing is that he has yet to say Mamma:(.

My baby boy turned 1

This is Jaxons girlfriend and friend who shared his special day with him

And ofcourse we gave him a huge cupcake and he loved it!!!!
I took Jax to the zoo and he fell alseep, but He did love the baboons!!

We went with Taylors brother to Cedar point at the beginning of the summer, it was so much fun, until the quezziness set in.

We have had so many changes in our family in the last couple of months , but we are excited for whats to come and I am excited to get back into blogging!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Easter month!!!!

So I am so excited for easter this month. It is Jaxons first easter!! There are so many cute easter baskets that have so many goodies in them, but I realize that Jaxon would not remember any of it and wouldnt be able to eat half the things that came in the easter basket.
So I am left with easter pictures. In the quest to discover how to use my camera, I decided to attempt to take my own easter pics of Jax, so I didnt have to pay a fortune to get them done.  Well I think they came out pretty darn good!!!!
 So Happy Easter, I hope that everyone has a great easter and hope we remember the menaing of this special day and eat lots of chocolates :)

Besides for all the Easter cheer, California has been beautiful the last week or so, Its been in the high 80's. Jaxon has been growing more and more everyday!, He is crawling all over the place and loves his little walker, so I think he might be walking in a month or two, he seems eager to get movin!!!, We love this little guys so much. We are excited to be going to Virginia beach to start our summer season in a couple of weeks, Taylor has done amazing this preseason and I am so proud of him!!!
I love my little family!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A little crafty :)

So the past couple of weeks I have been feeling a little uncreative. We have been moving around so much I havent had a place to decorate, but I have pretty much been feeling like I need to do something to feel a little creative and so here is the result !!:)


And this will eventually be hung on the wall of Jaxons room, when we eventually get a house:(
It was fun to paint, took me about a week and total cost was $18

Monday, April 4, 2011

Proud Mama!!!!

So Jaxon just recently turned 8 months, How times flies. I dont even remember when he was little anymore, He just keeps learning new things and his personality is starting to show and I feel like such a proud mom everytime I look at his cute little face.

This past week has been so much fun, Jaxon has amused me everyday with the cute little things he does that are so adorable,for most of them I did not have a camera on me :(.

Jaxon has full on started crawling and is standing up on everything. He finally figured out how to sit down after he has stood up and sometimes I think thank goodness for diapers else he might have broken something the way he falls on his bottom. He has also started saying da da da da, I dont think he knows what he is saying but it is cute anyways. Last sunday when we were singing the opening hym he starting singing with us and also in He has also developed a little attitide, I think he knows he has his mommy wrapped around his little finger...
He currently is 27 in long and weighs 19 lbs. He has the cutest little baby legs, I love just squishing them.

                                          Jaxon loves sucking on the end of bottles, so I gave him an empty bottle of
                                    DiVisol, it has a soft lid, so he loves it, He was so funny this week because he
                                 was crawling around everywhere with it hanging out of his mouth.

  We took Jaxon to the beach last week and he ate his first handful of sand, it obviously tasted ok to him, because he went back for seconds and thirds... we stopped him after that. it was too cute though.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bargain Buys

So I have you ever been so impressed with yourself when you find bargains, and for a week you can't believe how much you bought for super cheap. Well this past week this is how i felt and i just had to share!!!
So Taylor and I were driving around in California this past monday and I found a store called the Childrens Orchard in San Miguel, California. I love buying clothes for Jaxon and i found some really good things for only $12.
I found a church shirt, 2 pairs of shorts, a swim top and the cutest little swim short and a cute book.
Then on Tuesday I was online and came across a website for the OC Kids Consignment sale, that was on friday in Huntington Beach. I left friday morning at 7 am and got to the store to wait in line to get all the good stuff. At the end of 2 hours I was once again impressed with all the things I bought for only $52.
On this day I bought a walker, a playground, Elmo, a beach hat, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of shoes, a book, a little diner, and a dvd for baby sign language.
I felt like I got really good deals, so would encourage all moms to look for consignment sales, I had so much fun!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Went Cruising......:)

So a few days before the cruise I flew to Michigan to drop Jaxon off at Taylor mom and stayed there for a day or two to make sure that Jaxon was on his schedule and it was a sad good-bye when I left to meet  Taylor in Florida where we left from Tampa to go cruising. It felt so good to sleep in past 7 am in the morning. We had two stops on this cruise: The Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. I had so much fun on both. It was very differnt to last years cruise, because i was pregnant last year and everything made me sick, so it was great this year to not to have to carry around a water bottle, and a spit cloth ( which is what a called the cloth that i had to carry around all the time for my excess saliva...gross I know). I enjoyed the food way more this year, because the smells and taste did not make me wanna throw up everywhere, so all in all I liked this cruise alot better.

Most of our time on the ship was spent with the Harrisons, Blake and Mckelle. And I would just like to add that us three girls spent monday night by ouselves ordering room and watching the batchelor finale!!!

.... And there was our time
                                               We went four wheeling in Mexico and this couple was on the excursion too, but they were so nice. It was just us, so we had alot of the guides attention.
                                                           Formal night on the cruise
                                               The sunsets on the cruise were amazing
                                               It was Taylors birthday on the cruise (27) and they brought out a cake for him in the restuarant after dinner and everyone sang Happy Birthday.
                                     Our waiter made Taylor a little gift, too bad it didnt
                              When we were in Mexico, I got my hair braided
                       And I just had to post this picture, because we were in Mexico, but we still chose to eat at Mcdonalds for
  We went four wheeling in Mexico, and it was so much fun.. it was dirty and muddy.


 We bought an underwater camera for the Cayman Islands.
 We booked an excursion to swim with Stingrays, saw some cool fish, and the water so amazingly blue, and clear.

 The cruise was alot of fun and when we got back to tampa, Taylor and I were alot more relaxed until we entered the real world again, but the weather in Cali is still gorgoeus, except for a couple of days of rain. I am getting so excited for the summer. We are now going to Virginia Beach with the Burnsides and I am excited about not being the only wife!!!! Yay!!!!