Monday, July 9, 2012

Love Thy Neighbor

Sometimes I think it was divine intervention that we bought the house that we did. Because I truely do love our neighbors and I couldnt imagine living anywhere else right now.

Our neigbors kevin, Carey, and their adorable little six month old, Bryce invited us to the lake this past weekend for a friends weekend. It was a much needed weekend away. It was way fun and super relaxing, which I definitely needed:)
 good food, good company, good kids, wakeboarding and warm lake water made it a weekend to blog about.
And also to mention my wonderful husband and two little boys spoiled me on sunday as I said goodbye to another year as I turned 27:). I was excited when I woke up to breakfast and lots of gifts which included the ultra Chi which I have been coveting for the last 2 yrs, so I am a happy girl as I say good bye to bad hair days..:)

                     After a hot day at the lake, Troy passed out and sleep through the night and Jaxon spent most of the weekend in nothing but his swim diaper throwing rocks into the lake:)

Eating yummy burgers and fruit:)

Boys rocking the life jackets.

swimming in the lake, Jaxon held on with a monster grip, good thing we had the jackets on!

This was the cutest thing, Bryce had his little head buried in his daddies leg. We werent sure if he was tired and passed out, or scared of the was cute either way:)
Fun on the party boat!!

They were completely passed out on the pontoon, what a day!:)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where has the time gone?

The last post I wrote, I promised myself that it was my new start to blogging again, but yet again time has taken over. I never realized how busy two boys can keep you.
I think I have gotten down being a mom of two. Sometimes I think that I was born to be a mom, I love every minute of it. I may not always show it, but deep down under the exhaustion I love it. Jaxon will be two this month and I'm wondering how my little baby got to be a big boy in a second it feels like. Troy is already four months and is such a good baby. I have their schedules down pat, hence the time to blog as they are both currently taking a nap.

Life has been great. Taylor is doing awesome at work and we have been very blessed. We have been loving our house, but after all the summer garage sales my house is now to small for all our stuff:)

Troys first 4 months of life. He is so smiley and has started grabbing onto things and giggling when we tickle his neck.
Jaxon loves the pool, and the camera as you can tell. Whenever I take a picture he tilts his head and says cheese. It is the cutest thing.

Grandma and Aunt Chels found this for him at a garage sale and he loves it!
I love this stage of life, because he is just learning to occupy himself and he doesnt always need me around. Most of the time though he just loves reading his books.
Taylor is in a city softball league and this was at one of his games. Jaxon is going through a daddy phase. He is attached to Taylor all the time. Unless I distract him in the morning when taylor leaves for work, he will cry for about 30 min after Taylor leaves just yelling dada.
I think its funny how we always want the cutest toys for our kids and I always seem to come home from a grocery trip with something for the boys, and all he wants is 2 bowls with water. He played with a ladel and these two bowls for about 2 hours just transferring water from one bowl to the other, he would only come in to ask for more
And these are my boys. How lucky am I. And ofcourse I'm bias, but I do think they are the most handsome boys ever:), and this is mommys best time of the day, when they are both alseep.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our little doubles!!!

So everytime I feed Troy I feel like I am looking down at Jaxon when he was a baby, they are definitely related!!!!
                                     Troy                                                                            Jaxon

Monday, April 2, 2012

got bumpers?

So the last couple of months every night after we put Jaxon down to sleep, we go into his bedroom and this is what we see every time.....

I have to straighen the bumper pads every, I still need to get bumper pads for Troys crib, but am having second thoughts, I just don't see the point

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Story....

Where has the time gone?

So I'm excited to say that I am due tomorrow the 2nd April, but little Troy Carter Seibold decided to come a whole 5 weeks early. he was born 27 February 2012 at 7:16 pm.
I was induced with Jaxon, and we had that option this time, but Taylor wanted to feel the anticipation and excitement of the unknown. What a suprise he got.:)

It was the night of th 26th, I woke up at about 4am with cramps and stretching pain in my belly, I didn't think anything of it. I never had braxon hicks with Jaxon so I didnt know what I was feeling, they just felt like really mild period cramps. So the day of the 27th I had a routine doctors visit where I told her that I was having these cramps and my stomach felt like it was pulling . She said that she really only starts those uncomfortable doctors visit around 38 weeks, but because I was having cramps she checked me and told me I was dilated to a 4 and shouldnt be at 35 weeks. So off I went to the hospital for observation.
I called Taylor and told him to meet me at the hospital and did not believe me..... he definitley got his suprise.

I went to the hospital and waited a long hour in the waiting room to be taken to an observation room, where I was put on monitors to check the frequency of these cramps I was having.
I was checked again about 2 hour later and I was at a 6. The nurse asked me if I was ready because my baby was coming today. I was so nervous and so not mentally prepared for 2 kids, I still had a month to go.!!!!

I was dilated to a 6 for about 2 hours when my doctor suggested patossun to speed up labor. I was given my epidural by a newbie who had to poke me twice for numbing and had to stick that horrible sword into my back three times, to find a spot that didnt hurt me.
And through all that discomfort it didnt even work. I was numb on one side and by the time I was dilated to a 9 I could feel everything and the nurse tried to convince me that I was suppose to feel something so I would know when to push, but I guess she didnt know Ive had a child before and I didnt feel a thing.
Well I started feeling the contractions really bad and alot of pressure and all I wanted to do was push, My doctor eventually got there and all of the nurses and the doctor kind of took their time while I was laying in pain, so I just yelled, I am pushing and then everyone kind of hurried to get it going.

I pushed about 5 times, yelling and crying after every push that I just wanted him out and I didint want anymore children, and I wasnt paying for the epidural.
One good thing that came out of the labor part was our darling little boy and the fact that I didnt tear or get a quick recovery was awesome.

Troy was born at 7:16 pm and weighed 6lbs 15 oz.
I got to hold him for a couple of minutes before that rushed him off to the NICU, where he stayed for 2 more weeks before we could take him home. He had a hard time eating by himself so they had to put a tube up his nose to feed him, which was a sad thing to see.

But.... he is now home and eating, and doing so well. We again have been blessed with a mellow baby, he is so peaceful.
I am still adjusting to being a mom of two, but loving every minute of it. I am exhausted as my little Jaxon is toddler who loves to be moving constantly.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pregnancy Blues!!!!

SO..... the time has come again to blog. I really did intend for our blog to become our family journal, but my lack of motivation lately to do anything has become a little overwhelming. I am 36 weeks and can't wait for this little guy to be ready to show himself to the world. I have retreated somewhat from the world for the last couple of months. I feel fat and breathless (literally). I have no desire to get up in the morning or to do anything during the day, the only thing that gets me up is my bladder that has my legs on speed dial. I feel bad for my little man, who probably thinks he has the most boring mommy in the world who never wants to play with him:(

other than that life has been grand. Taylor is loving his job, and looks so handsome every morning in his sunday best going to work. He comes home every night with a smile.

I still havent grown used to Michigan, even though we have a house, a ward, and family close by. It still has yet to feel like home. But I'm being optimistic.

And Jaxon, well what can I say.... he is just one of the loves of my life. He is what keeps me going and Taylor ofcourse. He is learning so many new things everyday. He is now 19 months old and knows all his letters of the alphabet. It is really cute, because he doesnt know the name of some of the letters, but knows their sounds. We are currently working on his numbers as of yesterday!:)

I am starting to realise that in just a month I will be responsible for two little people, well ...three.
It is starting to all get a little overwhelming. I am starting to get nerous because I was induced with Jaxon and so everything was planned. Not knowing is the thing that kinda makes me a little scared. We are so excited though to be having another boy! I am slowly working on the nursery and Jaxons room and my whole house actually, so hopefully the little guy will be satisfied coming into the world with a mommy who doesnt know how to finish one project before moving onto the next, lol.

Jaxon climbed into my purse and Taylor turned it into a swing... weeee.

Talk about molding your child..... He loves football. When Taylor watches a game all he says is ball, ball, ball.

Tried to not let my brain become mush and did a little something creative. With an idea I found on pinterest, which I'm addicted to now. I made a book sling for Jaxons room.

This is Jaxons movie theatre spot. We have coffee table that has two draws that pull open and when we are getting ready to watch a movie, he pulls the draw out and sits in it and he loves popcorn.Taylors parents donated a popcorn machine to our humble abode...yes a movie theatre popcorn machine which makes amazing popcorn.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's a Boy!!!!

We are so excited to announce that we are having boy #2.
I think I was secretly hoping for a little girl, But we are excited to have a little brother for Jaxon. I think the signs of bieng an only child are starting to so i am eager to introduce Jaxon to the world of sharing and fun.

 I have been trying to explain to Jaxon why mommys belly is getting so big, but he just keeps hitting it and lifting up his shirt to show me his belly.
I am excited to start decorting a nursery and thinking of names!!

 It still amazes me the things that can grow inside our bellies, Wonderful miracles

My little boys boy parts.

Besides for being pregnant, I have been trying to contain my excitement for christmas. I am so excited finally to decorate my own house for christmas, so I have started early this year on Christmas crafts.

This year for our Relief Society Craft day, we could make an Advent calender, So this is my advent calender.
 I added a few extra things, but they all still came out so cute.
the little tins can open, so you can put a piece of candy or a little surprise in them to open everyday.

I also found a Halloween reeth on the website and I tried a Christmas version of it.

The reeth is made out of tule, ribbon flowers and I found a couple of cute things at Joannes that were on sale to complete it. I am excited to start decorating for Christmas. I went a couple of weeks ago with my mother-in law and my sister- in -law to a tree decorating class at a local nursery and it was amazing to see that those trees we always see deocrated in the store that look amazing are actually not that hard to do. So I am counting down the days till the day ofter Thanksgiving, when I will putting up my christmas deco...yay!!!!