Monday, July 9, 2012

Love Thy Neighbor

Sometimes I think it was divine intervention that we bought the house that we did. Because I truely do love our neighbors and I couldnt imagine living anywhere else right now.

Our neigbors kevin, Carey, and their adorable little six month old, Bryce invited us to the lake this past weekend for a friends weekend. It was a much needed weekend away. It was way fun and super relaxing, which I definitely needed:)
 good food, good company, good kids, wakeboarding and warm lake water made it a weekend to blog about.
And also to mention my wonderful husband and two little boys spoiled me on sunday as I said goodbye to another year as I turned 27:). I was excited when I woke up to breakfast and lots of gifts which included the ultra Chi which I have been coveting for the last 2 yrs, so I am a happy girl as I say good bye to bad hair days..:)

                     After a hot day at the lake, Troy passed out and sleep through the night and Jaxon spent most of the weekend in nothing but his swim diaper throwing rocks into the lake:)

Eating yummy burgers and fruit:)

Boys rocking the life jackets.

swimming in the lake, Jaxon held on with a monster grip, good thing we had the jackets on!

This was the cutest thing, Bryce had his little head buried in his daddies leg. We werent sure if he was tired and passed out, or scared of the was cute either way:)
Fun on the party boat!!

They were completely passed out on the pontoon, what a day!:)

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