Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where has the time gone?

The last post I wrote, I promised myself that it was my new start to blogging again, but yet again time has taken over. I never realized how busy two boys can keep you.
I think I have gotten down being a mom of two. Sometimes I think that I was born to be a mom, I love every minute of it. I may not always show it, but deep down under the exhaustion I love it. Jaxon will be two this month and I'm wondering how my little baby got to be a big boy in a second it feels like. Troy is already four months and is such a good baby. I have their schedules down pat, hence the time to blog as they are both currently taking a nap.

Life has been great. Taylor is doing awesome at work and we have been very blessed. We have been loving our house, but after all the summer garage sales my house is now to small for all our stuff:)

Troys first 4 months of life. He is so smiley and has started grabbing onto things and giggling when we tickle his neck.
Jaxon loves the pool, and the camera as you can tell. Whenever I take a picture he tilts his head and says cheese. It is the cutest thing.

Grandma and Aunt Chels found this for him at a garage sale and he loves it!
I love this stage of life, because he is just learning to occupy himself and he doesnt always need me around. Most of the time though he just loves reading his books.
Taylor is in a city softball league and this was at one of his games. Jaxon is going through a daddy phase. He is attached to Taylor all the time. Unless I distract him in the morning when taylor leaves for work, he will cry for about 30 min after Taylor leaves just yelling dada.
I think its funny how we always want the cutest toys for our kids and I always seem to come home from a grocery trip with something for the boys, and all he wants is 2 bowls with water. He played with a ladel and these two bowls for about 2 hours just transferring water from one bowl to the other, he would only come in to ask for more
And these are my boys. How lucky am I. And ofcourse I'm bias, but I do think they are the most handsome boys ever:), and this is mommys best time of the day, when they are both alseep.

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