Monday, February 21, 2011

Love....... and more.....

I feel like I have so much to be grateful for other than valentines day this month. my baby is healthy, my husband is doing great, and we are living the life here in California :)
I have been so demotivated to blog lately... who knows why, but I enjoy reading everyone elses blogs that I feel like I need to update ours to give my loyal blog followers ( Like 2) something to read!

So a couple of weeks ago we went to Utah for the Platinum draft to pick a city and.....drum roll!!!! we are going to Buffalo, New York! I am still trying to figure out whether I am excited about it or not. I was excited at first, because it's New York...right?, but .. it's 6 hours away from New York City :(
I am most upset though that I am going to be the only Rep wife about a lonely summer, so if any of my fellow summer platinum wives want to make a trip to the Big Apple, count me I do have Jaxon to keep me company though and he is getting so big, so I will be able to take him to do fun stuff!!

I remain hopeful about Buffalo!!!!

so... on valentines day i decided to take my husband golfing, it was my first time and i killed!! killed the poor golf course i mean, i was awful.
I did try look the part though, and as usual my husband looks so hot in his golf gear! We went golfing the friday before valentines, then on Tuesday Becca Burnside and I took the liberty of making reservations at the melting pot and then we told our husbands that it was their treat to
And for the first time I had a baby sitter from the young women, which I said I would never do!!!, but it was fun to go on a double date without Jaxon, but I do love him!!!

At the melting pot!

And ofcourse, what would a post be without an update about Jaxon. He is getting so big!!!! I love making him laugh, he has started snorting and it cracks me up...!!! He can get on his hands and knees, but is not sure how to move yet, so we are going to have a little crawler on our hands soon:)
Jaxon will be 7 months next week!
daddy holding onto Jaxons diaper!