Friday, January 28, 2011

Six months Later............




How bittersweet it has been to watch our little Jax grow. It is so exciting watching him learn new things!!! Jaxon is 6 months old today!!!!, He is so much fun, but has definitely found his vocal chords and loves to use them. He can now roll over both ways and rolls all over the place, even off the bed :(. He can sit up all by himself and loves solids, although he has been a little constipated and grunts all day. I am a little  nervous for when he starts crawling, he is going to be all over, he is such and observer and loves to touch everything and obviously everything he touches goes in his, and yesterday he started drinking from a sippy cup and is still not sure how it works, but he is eagerly trying to figure it out.

We are still loving it here in California and we are excited to be finding out where we are going for the Summer in two weeks, when we go to Utah for the draft. Not excited for the snow though!!!!                                            


Monday, January 17, 2011

Just a cute little picture!!!

Taylor put Jax ontop of the staircase... so cute. Jaxon is sitting up all by himself now, which makes shopping and eating out so much easier. The car seat gets so heavy!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

its about that time!!!

So its about that time to update our blog. My little baby is down for a nap and i have a minute or two to spare so here goes......

We had a great christmas in Michigan, the whole family was there!!!. There were 14 of us for two weeks in Taylors' parents home. Our activities over the the break included caroling, games , Christmas eve dinner, great dinners every night, bowling, and a great Christmas day!!!! I did miss my family though, it was my first Christmas in a while being away from my family.

This is the whole family at the bowling alley.

An update about Jaxon!!!!
Jaxon has grown so fast in the last two months. He now is 5 months time flies!!!
He is rolling over from his back to his belly and he is officially eating from a spoon. This week is his first week and we are on peas.....i don't know how babies eat this stuff. Jaxon also loves teething biscuits and did i mention that he has his two bottom teeth already!!!!

I love this little boy!!!!

Jax enjoying his teething cookie!!!! he loves these things!!!

Jaxon entertaining us!!!

besides all the little bits, we are currently in California for Taylor to recruit for the summer, things are going really well for him. The weather here is great which is one thing i don't miss about Utah, but i do miss all our friends!!!!!