Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bargain Buys

So I have you ever been so impressed with yourself when you find bargains, and for a week you can't believe how much you bought for super cheap. Well this past week this is how i felt and i just had to share!!!
So Taylor and I were driving around in California this past monday and I found a store called the Childrens Orchard in San Miguel, California. I love buying clothes for Jaxon and i found some really good things for only $12.
I found a church shirt, 2 pairs of shorts, a swim top and the cutest little swim short and a cute book.
Then on Tuesday I was online and came across a website for the OC Kids Consignment sale, that was on friday in Huntington Beach. I left friday morning at 7 am and got to the store to wait in line to get all the good stuff. At the end of 2 hours I was once again impressed with all the things I bought for only $52.
On this day I bought a walker, a playground, Elmo, a beach hat, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of shoes, a book, a little diner, and a dvd for baby sign language.
I felt like I got really good deals, so would encourage all moms to look for consignment sales, I had so much fun!!!!


  1. totally know what you mean about obsessing over good deals forever. i have to say... well spent! you got SOOO much! The cruise looked like a ton of fun, you look GORGEOUS in the picture of you and taylor on formal night (in your brown dress). and super tan. i still feel so bad about not telling you guys about the pregnancy. ugh i still can't believe it. i'm so sorry. we are going to utah in a few weeks and i really wish we could see you guys! :(

  2. I wish we lived somewhere other than Utah! Utah is so hard for buying kids clothes. You did an awesome job!!!