Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Easter month!!!!

So I am so excited for easter this month. It is Jaxons first easter!! There are so many cute easter baskets that have so many goodies in them, but I realize that Jaxon would not remember any of it and wouldnt be able to eat half the things that came in the easter basket.
So I am left with easter pictures. In the quest to discover how to use my camera, I decided to attempt to take my own easter pics of Jax, so I didnt have to pay a fortune to get them done.  Well I think they came out pretty darn good!!!!
 So Happy Easter, I hope that everyone has a great easter and hope we remember the menaing of this special day and eat lots of chocolates :)

Besides for all the Easter cheer, California has been beautiful the last week or so, Its been in the high 80's. Jaxon has been growing more and more everyday!, He is crawling all over the place and loves his little walker, so I think he might be walking in a month or two, he seems eager to get movin!!!, We love this little guys so much. We are excited to be going to Virginia beach to start our summer season in a couple of weeks, Taylor has done amazing this preseason and I am so proud of him!!!
I love my little family!!!


  1. i love these pictures! where did you take them? the grass is so green! can't wait for this summer! jaxon is going to grow sooo much!

  2. Kerry, he is so cute, and getting so big! Good luck with moving and the summer!

  3. Love the pix!! Good luck with everything! Jaxon is adorable!!