Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back to the Blog!!!!!

Wow, so much has happened in the last couple of months, it would take a couple of hours to write about everything, so here is my attempt to highlight the highlights of our new life.

Where to begin?

Since Easter, Taylor got a job offer in his home state of Michigan. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I have wamed up to the place we now call home.
 we are also close to family, so Jaxon gets to be spoilt by grandma and grandpa.

I did not realize what a change it would be going from selling to a regular job. I have come to realize that selling was not just a job, it was a lifestyle, one that I am still holding onto a little. I miss seeing different places and meeting new people, and I am definitley going to miss the cruise next year, but now we get to plan summer vactions, so I guess there are upsides to both.
Taylor is a working man now, He leaves every morning all dressed up in his suite and tie, and is home by 6 pm every night for dinner. We now have saturdays to hangout all year long!!!!.

I do miss our friends!!!!
anyways, since we have moved here, we have bought a house. A quaint little home in the city of troy. It has three beds and 1.5 baths. It is a older home, so it has alot of character, but also needs a few upgrades that we are currently working on.

I am still not used to this way of life, but am trying to adjust. Jaxon has grown so much. He is so smart and learns new things everyday. He entertains me all day and I still go into his room every night to look at his cute little face sleeping in his crib. We love our little boy and are so excited to announce that we are expecting number two!!!!

Some picture updates!!!!

So I realized while I was uploading these pictures that all our pics are of Jaxon, I definitely need to start taking more family pictures. 
So since the last time I blogged, Jaxon started walking at 9 months, He calls an elephant an EL.., and he knows most of his animal noises. And the funniest thing is that he has yet to say Mamma:(.

My baby boy turned 1

This is Jaxons girlfriend and friend who shared his special day with him

And ofcourse we gave him a huge cupcake and he loved it!!!!
I took Jax to the zoo and he fell alseep, but He did love the baboons!!

We went with Taylors brother to Cedar point at the beginning of the summer, it was so much fun, until the quezziness set in.

We have had so many changes in our family in the last couple of months , but we are excited for whats to come and I am excited to get back into blogging!!!!


  1. He is so big! Such a cute little boy! When are you due? Congratulations on expecting number two!!!

  2. I still can't believe jaxon is one! And that baby two is on the way!! I'm so excited for you and Taylor. you need to keep doing new posts! Ha.. Glad you are doing well! You should put pics up of your new house! Miss you!