Saturday, March 26, 2011

Went Cruising......:)

So a few days before the cruise I flew to Michigan to drop Jaxon off at Taylor mom and stayed there for a day or two to make sure that Jaxon was on his schedule and it was a sad good-bye when I left to meet  Taylor in Florida where we left from Tampa to go cruising. It felt so good to sleep in past 7 am in the morning. We had two stops on this cruise: The Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. I had so much fun on both. It was very differnt to last years cruise, because i was pregnant last year and everything made me sick, so it was great this year to not to have to carry around a water bottle, and a spit cloth ( which is what a called the cloth that i had to carry around all the time for my excess saliva...gross I know). I enjoyed the food way more this year, because the smells and taste did not make me wanna throw up everywhere, so all in all I liked this cruise alot better.

Most of our time on the ship was spent with the Harrisons, Blake and Mckelle. And I would just like to add that us three girls spent monday night by ouselves ordering room and watching the batchelor finale!!!

.... And there was our time
                                               We went four wheeling in Mexico and this couple was on the excursion too, but they were so nice. It was just us, so we had alot of the guides attention.
                                                           Formal night on the cruise
                                               The sunsets on the cruise were amazing
                                               It was Taylors birthday on the cruise (27) and they brought out a cake for him in the restuarant after dinner and everyone sang Happy Birthday.
                                     Our waiter made Taylor a little gift, too bad it didnt
                              When we were in Mexico, I got my hair braided
                       And I just had to post this picture, because we were in Mexico, but we still chose to eat at Mcdonalds for
  We went four wheeling in Mexico, and it was so much fun.. it was dirty and muddy.


 We bought an underwater camera for the Cayman Islands.
 We booked an excursion to swim with Stingrays, saw some cool fish, and the water so amazingly blue, and clear.

 The cruise was alot of fun and when we got back to tampa, Taylor and I were alot more relaxed until we entered the real world again, but the weather in Cali is still gorgoeus, except for a couple of days of rain. I am getting so excited for the summer. We are now going to Virginia Beach with the Burnsides and I am excited about not being the only wife!!!! Yay!!!!


  1. Kerry! I miss you! I wish we were there with you guys :) It looks like you had a blast! So no more new york? Im happy you will have another wife with you now! that would NOT be fun if you were the only one. Come and visit us anytime, seriously! we would LOVE to have you!

  2. i love all these pictures! you do such a good job taking them! i need to convince isaac to buy me a camera :) looks like you guys had sooo much fun, im sad we didn't go! but we will have lots of fun this summer!!!