Saturday, March 19, 2011


So we just got back from a cruise. It was so much fun and it gave Taylor and I some great time together. I really missed Jaxon and was so excited to see him when I flew back to detroit to pick him up from Taylors parents. And obviously they grow so fast and do so much, while we were gone, Jaxon starting crawling, and on occasion will say Dada!!! can you believe that!!! after spending the last 7 month saying mama several times a day, he says dada!!! but i have come to the conclusion that it is simply just easier for them to say atleast it maked me feel better!!!

So this is what i need help with. Jaxon has also discovered his legs!!! he now stands up in his crib and will not go to sleep for like and hour and i have to rock him to sleep, he also doesnt sleep through the night anymore because he just wants to get up and hold on to his crib and has not figured out how to sit back down, so he just stands and cries. I am so worried that he falls back and hits his head , which he has done already....twice......WHAT DO I DO??? any advice from moms out there who have dealt with this??????

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