Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where does the time go????

So......... i finally have a minute to update our blog on the happenings of our lives since our little boy arrived. He has been such a great joy and blessing, He is three and a half months and growing way to quickly. I love watching him learn new things every day.  So much has happened since the last time i blogged that it would be hard to type everything, so i am attempting to update with pictures.......

Jaxon was blessed on Sunday 29th of August, 2010. Taylors' Family came to celebrate this special day with us!!!!

We spend a couple of days in San Antonio with my family. Jaxon got to hangout with his cousins Addison and Tavin.

We hiked the Y with Jaxon. Our first family exercise!!!!, I made it to the 5th turn and wanted to quit, it was the first workout since Jaxon, but my amazing husband cheered me on and we made it to the top. The view is amazing!!!!
We had a girls night out at witches night out. It was my first time and it was awesome, definitely need to make this a yearly tradition.

We decided to go on a little vacation to the sunny state of California. We got to see the San Diego temple, which is definitely my favorite temple.
We spent the day in San diego Sea world with the Burnsides!!!!!

Jaxon got his first experience of the ocean at Newport beach, The water was so cold, he was not very happy with us when we put his feet in the water.

Lol, this was in front of one of the beach homes in Venice Beach, "Worlds smallest front yard" I thought it was pretty funny.

We are now in Michigan till Thanksgiving and then we will be moving to California!!!! I am a little nervous about the move, but we are gonna make the best of it, at least I get to go to the beach everyday!!!

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  1. I am so excited for you guys to get to California! The weather has been perfect here! Have a happy thanksgiving!