Friday, August 13, 2010

Jaxons story and the events of our summer

                                                   Jaxon Ryder Seibold
                           Born:         28th July, 2010
                           Height:    21 inches
                           Weight:  8.06 lbs
                            Time:     4:23 pm

So i finally have a minute to update everyone on jaxons debut. He was born at 39 weeks, i chose to be induced a week early. I went into the hospital at 5;30 in the morning and they started the oxytosin, i started feeling contractions around 11 am and called the nurse for my epidural. About an hour after the epidural was given i could feel the contractions again, so they gave me another dose of the epidural. After the second dose, i went completely numb and could not feel my legs and toes or move them at all. I called the nurse at about 2 and told her that i was starting to feel alot of pressure and i felt like i needed to push. The nurse told me that she couldnt do anything because i was still numb and wouldnt be able to feel anything or push, so she turned my epidural off and 2 hours later i was ready to go. the nurse came in and i started pushing at about 4, the nurse told me that he was ready to come out, but i had to stop pushing because my doctor was not there. A few minutes later my doctor came in, and 3 pushes later my little boy was out. It was the most painful and amazing feeling in the world,My epidural had worn off and so i could feel everything, but it was amazing when they put jaxon on my chest as soon as he was born.

I was able to go home 2 days later and we are doing great. I am exhausted but he is so worth it. Taylor is such a good daddy and has been amazing at helping me out at night with the little guy. I think he still has his nights and days mixed up but we are working on his schedule. I was also fortunate enough to have my parents visit us in denver for the arrival of Jaxon and week after them Taylors mom, so i have had a ton of help.

                                                Our Litttle Boy

A Precious moment
Nana and Pops with the newest grandbaby   

Besides for the wonderful little person that has been added to our family, Colorado has been great. We have three weeks left of the summer and then we go to Philly or Houston????
Taylor also participated in another triathlon here in Colorado with Blake Nuttal, and they both did great. Taylor came second in his weight division and again it makes me so happy to see him so excited about something.
Taylor and Blake getting ready for the race

Taylor coming up to finish the bike

Taylors leap of victory at the finish line.


  1. Jaxon is so cute, Kerry! I can't believe it only took 3 pushes! You are soooo lucky!!!! I am glad everything went well!!

  2. Congrats you guys! Jaxon is absolutely adorable! I'm sad we didn't get to come see you and the baby though. Hope you're all doing well!