Monday, May 17, 2010

3d Ultrsound

We are now in Denver!!!!

It is starting to warm up and Taylor is doing great in his sales and i am so proud of him. I truelly married a wonderful man!!! The most exciting part of the last couple of weeks though was the 3d ultrasound. last tuesday Jessie Reimer and Melody Beeson, the wonderful wives of the Denver sales officecame with me to see my littl boy. It was an amazing experience, it is crazy what technology can show you. We saw little Jaxon yawn and move around, although he would not move his hand away from his face. But i am proud to say that he is going to look like his mommy!!!... sorry Daddy!!!

It Looks like he is going to have alot of hair in this picture, but it is just the placenta that was always in the way!!!

His lttle foot is right by his face and he has the ambilical cord around his wrist.


  1. Oh so sweet! I've never done a 3d ultrasound before. I love how much detail you can see! I hope everything is going well with your pregnancy and you are feeling good!

  2. yay! i found you! finally. what a cute little profile is. you are getting closer and closer and probably feeling uncomfortable... hope you are still getting good sleep. give rockie a little kiss for me.

  3. soo exciting! Chance and I miss you guys!