Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taylors Tri

I love watching Taylor get excited about things, and triathlons are one of the many. This past Saturday Taylor participated in the Orem Telos Triathlon. He did the same one last year. But we are very proud to announce that he beat his time by a minute and a few, which in a runners time is alot..... so i'm proud of him. Triathlons are not the most interesting spectator sport, but i try cheering him on when i see him run past me.....!!!!! Besides the triathlon, we have been trying to pack and organize.....I didnt realize how much stuff we had until i started packing......but i'm excited to be going to Denver in a few days and also excitd because Taylor graduates from college on Friday and officially becomes a member of the adult world of working...lol...
Taylor thought he would pose for the picture while he was running!!!

Taylor exiting for the 10 mile bike!!   

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